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Dog-Friendly Travel Hotels 


Often people can't take their furry friends with them on vacations if only because there aren’t reputable hotels that allow them to keep their dogs by their side. Looking for reliable hotels is as difficult as one may expect; however, when you have the help of this article, you will pick from the best dog-friendly hotels in California. 

Dog-Friendly Travel Hotels 

Not being able to invite your dog and make memories with them only because there aren’t any dog-friendly hotels will likely make you upset, understandably so. Enjoying a vacation at a scenic destination is an ideal getaway, but when you can’t involve your four-legged friend in these adventures, you won’t be able to immerse in the travel and its delights. 

While finding notable pet-friendly (especially dogs) hotels may be challenging, you can rest easy knowing we have just the right list prepared for you. Keep in mind that while some of these hotels are more favored, this list doesn't have a ranking. You can choose any of the mentioned hotels; you will go right with all of them. 

Kimpton Shorebreak Resort 

Kimpton Shorebreak Resort has a beachfront and surfer-style appeal, making it a desirable destination for most people in the coastal area. Most people let out their inner wildness and free side in this resort. The building has a spiritual and calm vibe because of the cozy fireplaces, the openness of the patio, and the chic dining area. The restaurants are spacious and airy, giving a pleasurable eating experience as well. 

The highlight of this resort is that you are allowed to bring two dogs, not one, but two. They should be around 75 lbs each. Additionally, there are no fees charged for their stay.   

Hilton Union Square 

Hilton Union Square is likely the most popular and public favorite dog hotel in California. One of the reasons for that may be its location; it is situated in the middle of famous tourist attractions. Another reason may be the nearby dog-friendly parks; seeing as the hotel is only two blocks from Union Square, it is perfect for dog owners to enjoy a stroll in the park with their furry friends. 

With the many facilities in the hotel (i.e., health club, pool, room service, restaurants, etc.), the most important one is that it allows dogs to roam freely and have an enjoyable time. You can take two dogs at a time, and with Romingo, you won’t have to pay any fees. Without Romingo, you will need to pay 50$ for each dog. 

Marina Del Rey 

Marina Del Rey is perfect for those who love the beach vibe. The sunny land, the picturesque sky, and the sparkling waterfront; all these elements make a hotel near the beach the ideal place to travel. And usually, beach hotels don’t allow room for pets, especially dogs.  

This is why Marina Del Ray is a very desirable hotel in Los Angeles, California. It offers a tranquil coastal experience that you can enjoy with your four-legged furry friend. Additionally, this hotel is near Venice Beach, where you enjoy a quiet stroll with your dog. Furthermore, if you reserve a booking through Romingo, you won't have to pay the 50$ fees that come with the typical booking. You can expect a stay that will be relaxing and rejuvenating for your pet as well as you. 

Mar Monte

Mar Monte hotel is incredible at welcoming furry friends that tag along with you. They accommodate your dog's needs better than most hotels on the market. Many people have reviewed and said how well they took care of their dogs.  

Mar Monte has various spaces that are dog-friendly; restaurants, boutiques, and bars. This is to ensure your furry friend can tag along with you wherever you go. While there is a 75$ fee, with Romingo, you won’t have to pay any additional charges. You can take two of your dogs with you to Mar Monte.  

Manchester Grand Hyatt 

Because of its location, Manchester Grand Hyatt is a favorable hotel in California. Many people find the nearby green space appealing; admittedly, it’s perfect for your dogs since you can have a leisurely walk with them anytime.  

Additionally, you can take advantage of this hotel if you book with Romingo; otherwise, there are specific restrictions that you will have to follow. For instance, you can only bring two dogs with a combined weight of 75 lbs. Plus, you will have to pay a 100$ fee if you don't reserve the booking through Romingo. 

Final Thoughts 

Here are five of the most popular and accommodating hotels that are top in our list of dog-friendly travel hotels. If you are looking for reputable hotels and discounted prices, click here to browse through them. 


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