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Essential Factors in Selecting the Best Food for Pocket Bullies

Don't be fooled by the term "pocket" in its name, as it is an energetic and fiercely loyal dog. For those who are asking, what is a Pocket Bully, it is a miniature version of the beloved American Bullies. It is a cross between an American Bully and a Patterdale Terrier. It is four to eight inches smaller than its purebred counterparts, but it is also a robust grower, as it can grow up to 16 inches tall.

Although most major kennel clubs don't recognize Pocket Bullies, which require pure lineage, these dogs are part of the American Bully Kennel Club. While some would call their face sinister, these Pocket Bullies are playful, loving, and have a nurturing and protective quality that makes them good companions. However, these dogs require a lot of care, especially regarding their grooming and diet. They have certain nutritional needs that must be provided properly. They need a lot of lean protein, fiber, and fat. You must also look for the best wet food for Pocket Bullies to augment their nutrition to ensure they don’t become obese. Although balancing their nutrition can be arduous for some, the payback of love and loyalty coming from these dogs would be more than worth it. 

Here are some things you must consider when selecting the best food for Pocket Bullies.

Protein content 

While Pocket Bullies are smaller than your typical American Bully, they have a compact and lean body type that needs a lot of protein. Pocket Bullies need to bulk up within the first few months of their lives, so you must look for food containing at least 30% protein. If you're looking for premium dog food, the first three ingredients should be meat to ensure that the product has enough protein for your buddies.

Fat content

A healthy Pocket Bully needs a fat-rich diet because he needs the energy and nutrients to ensure that he grows and develops properly. A high-fat content dog food will allow the dog to break down the proteins and other nutrients he needs with relative ease. You must ensure that your dog receives enough proteins and fats in his diet, so he grows normally and avoids health problems.

Carbohydrate content

Another thing that you must look for when choosing your premium dog food is carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates supply energy for your pets, and as Pocket Bullies are rather an energetic breed, you must ensure that they receive enough carbs to fuel their day.

Vitamin content 

One of the more overlooked nutritional aspects that a Pocket Bully needs are vitamins. When scanning the ingredient list on your premium dog food label, you must also zero in on the vitamin content. At the very least, dog food must contain vitamins A and E. Vitamin E is necessary for the immune system, while vitamin A ensures that your dog has great skin and hair.


You must also look for calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, and chloride in the ingredients list because the minerals help keep your dog in tip-top condition.


Feeding your Pocket Bully can be a chore because you must look into their nutritional needs. However, the loyalty and love they reciprocate are more than worth it.

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