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How To Look After Your Dogs Teeth

When getting a new puppy or dog, there are many things to think about, including toilet training, walking, toys, vaccinations, and much more. Dogs cannot look after their own teeth, so knowing how to do the best for your dog’s teeth is very important. Here are some great tips to keep on top of your dog’s dental care.

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The Right Foods

Just the same as humans, there are certain foods that are better for your dog’s teeth than others. Many of us pick up dog food without looking at the packet, but there are dog foods out there that have high sugar content and contain mostly solid food. Always read the label and buy high-quality dog foods to give your dog the best chance of good dental hygiene. It may seem better to pick a cheaper option, but it could save you a lot of money in the future on dental bills. Most foods we eat can be given to dogs in moderation, but remember, anything that is bad for our teeth is also bad for theirs. Sugary food such as chocolate should always be avoided, as this can be poisonous to dogs, as well as damaging to their teeth. You can purchase treats from pet stores that are made for them to enjoy and clean their teeth at the same time.

Regular Checkup’s

It is never too early to start thinking about puppy dental care, especially as their teeth just begin to develop. Just as you would visit the dentist regularly, your dog should do the same at the vets. You can ask the vet or your pet insurance company how frequently they recommend your dog gets a dental checkup. This can depend on the age of your dog, as well as the condition of their teeth. The better the condition of their teeth, the less frequent visits will be needed.

Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

This can be something many pet owners are worried about doing, especially if they haven’t before. Don’t worry, you are doing it for your dog’s best interests and as long as you are doing it correctly, you and your dog will remain safe. Laying your dog on the floor is the best chance of ensuring your dog remains relaxed and is the best way to ensure you get every tooth. Purchase some dog-friendly toothpaste and use a toothbrush to brush along the gum line, from front to back. Hold your dog’s lip up with one hand and their muzzle with the other. It may calm your dog down to talk whilst doing this; even if you manage to brush for twenty seconds, this is better than nothing and your dog will eventually get more used to this routine.

Looking after your dog’s teeth as soon as they begin to come through gives them the best chance of having healthy teeth. Brush your canine’s teeth, take them for regular checkup’s and buy them the right foods and their dental hygiene should stay in top shape.

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