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Fresh Water is Essential: 5 Reasons Fresh Water is Absolutely Necessary for Your Pets

Owning a pet is not just a case of companionship, it is also a massive responsibility. If you are unable to give the amount of time that owning a pet requires then maybe it’s not for you. Pets require an incredible amount of love and attention, so you should always make sure that you are certain you can give your pet the love it deserves. However, if you are able to offer the requisite amount of time then a great tip to to ensure that your pet has fresh water. Here are five great reasons why you should ensure that your pet is always fully hydrated.


If your pet isn’t getting enough water then there is a big chance of them suffering from dehydration. This is a serious affliction can lead to organs shutting down and even death if you don’t provide water quickly. If you want your pets to remain healthy then avoiding dehydration is highly important.


If you leave your pet's bowl to get dirty over time then it can be infested with parasites which will harm your pets from the inside. It’s not just if you leave the bowl to become dirty that this can be an issue though. If you don’t fill provide your pet with enough water, they will find other water sources outside. These water sources can contain many harmful parasites just like a dirty bowl can.


It isn’t just parasites that can find a home in dirty water. Bacteria that can cause sickness can be found not just in dirty water but in dirty bowls too. If you want your pet to avoid the vet, not just for their own health but so you can avoid the costly bills, then ensuring that not only is your pet’s water fresh but their bowl is clean. It will help to keep your pet as healthy as possible.


The more water you provide for your pet, the more likely they are to be able to carry out enough exercise to remain healthy. This is especially important in the hot weather when exercising and playing will cause your pet to lose a lot more water than they usually would. If your pet likes to run and play then providing them with the best pet fountain possible is a great idea.


When your pet is young it needs water to grow. If you’re not providing your pet with enough water to grow to it’s potential then you are hampering the development of your pet. It can cause your pet to be undersized which could make it difficult for it to be able to get the food it needs, or possibly even lead to it being attacked by other animals.

If you are a pet owner and an animal lover then you should always be providing your pet with enough fresh water to keep it hydrated and healthy. There is no excuse for limiting the amount of water that your pet has access to and you should always endeavour to be a responsible and loving pet owner.

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