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The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying from a Breeder

Whether you're in the market for a specific breed of pet or you simply want to know what kind of pet you're getting, there are many reasons to consider buying from a professional breeder. This process can be the beginning of a special relationship that will last for years, requiring your time, money and attention.

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It is vital to remember that not all breeders are the same, not all pets are suitable for all homes and that various, unexpected situations can arise after the fact. Before you buy from any dog, cat or other animal breeder, what should you know? We'll give you some insight into what to consider before making any commitment.

Breed Characteristics and Requirements

Professional breeders have plenty of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the breeds they offer. Whether you're looking at dogs, cats or an entirely different animal, it's important to understand the differences between various breeds. Some breeds may require extra care, while others may have a variety of common illnesses or ailments that need to be understood.

Your breeder should be able to give you a full rundown of any potential problems or concerns that are common to the breed, helping to ensure you're making the right choice. If a breeder does not seem to have an innate understanding of the breed they offer, it's best to look elsewhere.

Contractual Aspects

Buying one or more pets via a breeder may not be as cut and dry as you might think. There may be specific requirements and/or restrictions that come with purchasing a particular breed. For instance, purchases made involving more premium or thoroughbred pets may prohibit the owner from breeding the pet with any other male or female pet.

In any breeder’s contract, there will likely be stipulations about what responsibilities the buyer has, what restrictions the seller insists on, and a variety of other concerns designed to ensure any potential future occurrence is covered by the contract. Because of this, what you need to know about a breeders contract can sometimes be extensive and complex.

Certifications and Papers

Does the breeder have papers and certification showing that the breed is in fact pure, as well as whether it may have any likely genetic problems? If not, then you probably should consider looking elsewhere.

When the parents of your prospective pet are certified, you'll not only know the exact lineage of the breed you're buying, but also can plan ahead for any potential health concerns or known issues.

Breeder Legitimacy

While we've touched on the broader topic a couple of times above, it's important to verify a breeder and ensure they have a good reputation. Most breeders will have plenty of satisfied customers who can vouch for their professionalism and accuracy; be sure that you request references before signing any contract.

Now that you know what to consider and evaluate when purchasing a pet from a breeder, you'll be better prepared to walk through the process. From knowing the genetic background of the pet to verifying that the breeder in question is reputable, these considerations will help protect you, your new pet and the breeder alike.

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