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How To Set Up A Good Routine For Your Dog

Our four-legged babies can be a handful at times. Sometimes they bark endlessly, or leave us a puddle to clean up. They can act out like naughty toddlers and make us feel guilty when we have to tell them off. So why do the, behave like that? If they’re not unwell, they may just be in need of a bit of routine.

You can help your dog cope better at home, especially when they are alone, by instilling a good routine. If your dog knows what to expect they can manage their own behavior better too. Keep your reactions to his behavior consistent at all times so he’s not surprised or frightened by anything you do. If he gets away with naughty behavior, he may be upset when he gets told off next time.

Set his boundaries and behavioral limits clearly and then stick to it. If you reward and praise him, he’ll know what things to do to make you happy. If he sometimes gets fed while you’re at the dinner table you may find begging becomes a problem at meal times. If you like to offer him treats from your own plate, place them in one of his dog bowls, so he knows not to touch your plate.

Puppy training classes are great when dogs are young enough but if the bad behavior is creeping in several years down the track, you may get stuck. A routine will help iron out any problems. Make your day quite rigid in a schedule for him. Get up at the same time each morning, and go through his feeding and walking in the same order.

If you can, try to keep subsequent walks around the same time each day. Even picking the same routes can help with developing his routine. If he has a doggy bed or basket, send him to it at the same times each day and for the same reasons. When you are about to leave him alone, say goodbye to him and give him a cuddle. When you come back, say hello and give him a cuddle. These routine actions will help provide him with comfort in your absence.

Of course, all dogs like variety, and it’s good for them to be introduced to new things and places. This can be managed as part of his routine too. Help him recognize when it is OK to go exploring. Introduce him to new things each week so he doesn’t get bored. Maybe you can allocate a couple of hours on the weekend to teach him a new trick?

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Dogs don’t tend to want to be naughty, but they can behave in ways we don’t like sometimes. There are lots of reasons for this. A routine could go a long way to helping you manage your dog’s behavior. Sometimes a training class may be all you both need.

It’s best not to raise your voice or resort to physical contact with your dog to discipline behavior you’re not happy with. It could just be your dog’s way of saying he would like more quality time with you. See if you can schedule some into your routine.

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