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Top 5 Tips For Capturing Your Pets Personality

We can all agree that a family is never complete without one thing, a pet. Most households in the world have a pet, be it a dog or cat. One of the sad things about pet ownership though, is that you often outlive your pet. That is a large part of why pet photography is so popular throughout high percentage pet ownership countries such as Australia. You find that you love your pet so much that you decide to take a photo of him in order to have something to help your memory out when they are gone. A picture might be a good way of remembering the pet even long after they are gone. Just like a child, taking a picture of your pet can be very challenging but not impossible.

A vital question to ask yourself before setting up the camera is; what’s special about my pet? Come with ways in which you can display the pet’s personality in the picture. Here are 5 tips that can guide you in capturing your pet’s personality in a photo.

Tip 1 - Use the right lightings as well as settings.

This is technical, right? You may consider opening the window and use it as a source of light for the shot. Experts say that the best time to take a photo of your pet is in the afternoon (sun). If you must do it at midday, though, you need a largely shaded area because the sun brings a lot of contrast. If the pet is in motion, it’s advisable to use a shutter speed.

Photo used with permission from woofipedia.com

Tip 2 - Capture the pet off-guard

The best photos of your pets are the ones that have been taken while the pet is unaware. You can use the “pet-Perazzi “style of capturing where you try taking the shots at varying angles. For instance, if the pet is playing on all fours, try taking the photo while the camera is on the ground near the pet. You don’t expect the pet to pose for the camera, do you? Take the shots when the pet is sleeping, playing or even while goofing.

Photo used with permission from TheCanvasFactory.com.au

Tip 3 - Make the pet look curious

There is nothing better than capturing the curiosity of your pet in a photograph. For your information, pets are naturally curious friends. For instance, taking a photo of your pet might make the pet curious; give the pet some time until it starts feeling uncomfortable with the camera. Let them sniff on the camera or paw it. Pull a surprise for the moment. Only then, that you will realize how lovely the photo may look. You can also try rattling his treats or toys in the bag. The pet will create that curious look. Utilize that moment.

 Tip 4 - Get to the pet’s level

Taking the photo of your pet from above can result in a distorting image. For instance, the head may appear bigger as compared to the rest of the body. However, taking the picture from the pet’s level will result in a realistic picture. Additionally, taking the photo on the pets level gives the best depth perception. You will also realize how vibrant grass will provide an amazing contrast with your pet.

Tip 5 - Be super creative and have maximum fun

This should be the first thing to consider in while taking the photo. It should not be a forced activity but rather one with fun and enjoyment. Take breaks where possible while keeping it light. Ensure that you carry treats with you to reward the pet for his good behavior. Everyone loves a snack, right? If you have a great time with the pet, then this can be displayed via the lens.  


Capturing your pet’s photos can be fun if you consider the above five tips and more others that you can get. Ensure that the activity does not take too long that the pet becomes bored. Do it for a maximum of around 30 minutes. If the time is not enough, there is always a next time.

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