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Top Five Reasons Your Dog Could Benefit from Hemp

When you first bring home your new little puppy, it is the picture of perfect health. Unfortunately, just like us humans, dogs can develop various health issues. These issues can affect their mobility, energy level, mood, and more. One solution that pet owners are turning to now is CBD for dogs, which is hemp. When given in the proper dosage, hemp can help with a number of chronic and acute health issues.

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If you're curious as to whether or not hemp may be a good solution for your dog, here's a look at the top five reasons it is used.

GI Tract

Many dogs suffer from GI tract issues such as IBS and IBD, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and discomfort. If your dog often gets constipation, watery stools, and gurgling in their stomachs, this can be a sign of GI tract issues. Hemp is able to help by removing the toxins that are in the GI tract. This is done thanks to the fact it contains fiber. By removing these toxins, you will in fact by regulating the entire digestive process.

Mobility and Joint

Mobility and joint problems can affect dogs of any age, but they are more prone to these issues as they age. Arthritis is often the culprit and can cause a lot of pain and inflammation in their joints. It doesn't even have to be arthritis that is causing the mobility and joint issues, it could just be daily exercise and activities.

Hemp can have some very effective results and you won't have to worry about your dog feeling stoned or high. Once they start feeling better, they will probably feel more energized since they aren't dealing with that same amount of pain and discomfort.


For dogs that suffer from anxiety and stress, hemp can also prove to be quite beneficial. Hemp works to calm the dog, which is great for the temporary situations that can prove to be quite stressful. This could be such things as a long-distance car trip, moving home, etc.


If your dog is suffering from low immunity due to other health issues, hemp can work to boost and support their system. This provides them with the energy and good health they need to fight off illnesses and diseases. Hemp is often a good option for dogs that are fighting cancer, as it can help to fight the disease.

Comfort and Care

If you are in the unfortunate situation of dealing with end of life issues with your dog, hemp can provide them with the comfort and care they need in their final days and weeks.

Speak to Your Vet

Hemp can be a wonderful option for dogs suffering from a variety of health issues, even if that health issue is simply end of life comfort and care. It's best to speak to your vet to figure out if it's the right option for your pet, and if so what the proper dosage amount should be.

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