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Will my Dog accept a new Cat as a Family Member?

If you own a dog and are considering adding a cat as a new member of the family, you often have all kinds of questions. The main reason that many people are afraid to bring a cat into the family is due to old wives tales saying dogs kill cats. This is not a false statement altogether but is one that is also not completely true either.

According to the breed of dog you own, you may be able to bring a kitty into your home. Aggressive dogs and ones that like to chase squirrels or rabbits would not be good companions for any cat. The dog may not even intend to hurt the cat and only wants to play, but could very easily end the life of a cat accidentally. On the other hand, if your dog is gentle and non-aggressive, the dog and cat may become great friends. There are many breeds of dogs that get along very well with cats even large dogs like the Great Pyrenees. Of course, you must also know the temperament of the cat as well. Some cats as soon as they see a dog believe it is a predator and will run and hide or may show their claws or swat at the dog. Much of this really depends on how the cat and dog was raised or if you choose a rescue cat, the environment in which the cat lived. A kitten is often the best choice as long as your dog does not think it is a play toy.  

The very first introduction is going to be what either bonds or destroys the friendship as well as peace in your home. You should work with your dog before you bring in the new kitty and ensure he or she is obedient. Just like bringing in a new baby for the dog to meet, you must watch the dog and ensure he will not harm your new kitty. The most important thing is to get your dog to calm down if you want the cat to feel at home. A rambunctious dog around a scared kitty that is new surroundings is never a good thing.

On the first day you bring your kitty home, you should have one room prepared with a cat litter box, food and water. Slowing introduce the dog and cat only at the doorway of the room. It is best to use a baby gate so the kitty can see out of the room, but that your dog will not just wander in. Take your dog to the gate a few times a day and always give treats to both when they smell one another. Praise your dog for acting nice to the new addition of your family and when the kitty approaches the gate to meet the dog also provide treats to your kitty.

The one thing to remember at all times is that your cat has a way to escape your dog even if the cat jumps the gate. Give your kitty time and he or she will come to the dog once they have become accustomed to the idea. Get more ideas of how to live with a dog and cat by visiting www.awesomek9.com/

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